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Teamwork and research in radiotherapy for elderly – Our mission is to help the elderly cancer community cope and fight cancer with dignity and hope

IGRG in Brief

The IGRG is founded in 2012 through the collaborative effort of 15 radiotherapy institutions in the US and Europe. We are determined to provide elderly cancer patients with the best radiotherapy techniques to improve their chance for cure and having a better quality of life.

Care and Research

Safe, precise, inclusive radiotherapy, helping patients including under-represented people.

Inclusive Health

Research, excellence of care, representation, inclusion of minorities, women, people of color, elderly, accessible new technologies


Meet our team, a worldwide organization with enthusiasm, that strives to give a progressive ideology, for growth worldwide

Excellence of care for elderly cancer patients

The International Geriatric Radiotherapy Group (IGRG) is an international organization devoted to provide the best radiotherapy treatment to elderly cancer patients with the most advanced radiotherapy techniques.

We strive to provide the best care for elderly cancer patients for cure and improvement of their quality of life.

Scientific Advisory Board

We have a scientific advisory board composed of scientists, physicians of various specialty, and professionals who make recommendations on how to conduct clinical studies taking into consideration the special need of elderly cancer patients.

Patient Informations

In addition, a patient advisory board composed of elderly cancer patients who underwent radiotherapy and their family members help us determine the best policy to help other elderly cancer patients and their family as they went through the ordeal of cancer treatment.

Articles - Whitepapers

NCI Visuals Online Novel Multimodality Imaging Approaches to Target Metastatic Cancers

Low Dose Whole Lung Radiotherapy

for Older Patients With Coronavirus-19 Disease (COVID-19) Pneumonitis – Practical Protocol By The International Geriatric Radiotherapy Group

Discrimination in Cancer Care

A presentation to Oncology Faculty and staff at University Hospital in Umeå, Sweden on May 17, 2019​ in association with Professor Ulf Karlsson’s M.D., Ph.D

Principles of image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT)

IGRT allows visualization and computer localization of the tumor either directly or indirectly with metallic markers inside the tumor before radiation treatment is given.

IGRG Consensus Workshop

Challenges Facing Radiation Oncologists in The Management of Older Cancer Patients: Consensus of The International Geriatric Radiotherapy Group

IGRG Presentation Barcelona (April 9, 2018)

A review of where IGRG has been, and where we are heading

NCI Visuals Online - Brain MRI A single image of a human brain using a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. A bright blue color where brain cancer metastasizes in the occipital lobe.

Brain Metastases

Nguyen NP, Nguyen ML, Vock J, et al. Potential applications of imaging and image-guided radiotherapy for brain metastases and glioblastoma to improve patient quality of life. Front Oncol. 2013;3:284. Published 2013 Nov 19. doi:10.3389/fonc.2013.00284


Leadership Team

Ulf Karlsson

hospital M.D. PhD


Dr. Nam P. Nguyen

Nam P. Nguyen

hospital M.D. PhD

President & CEO

Brain vector lines illustration

Francisca Montiel

hospital M.D. PhD


Brain vector lines illustration

Vincent Vinh-Hung

hospital M.D. PhD

Director of Clinical Research

Brain vector lines illustration

Markus Yoon

hospital M.D. PhD

Director of Marketing

Brain vector lines illustration

Elleen Martin

hospital M.D. PhD

Data Safety Coordinator

Brain vector lines illustration

Melissa Mills

hospital M.D. PhD

Data Manager

Brain vector lines illustration

Brian Dukes

hospital M.D. PhD

Assistant Data Manager


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